Sunday, June 1, 2008

NASA Robot snaps 2nd Bf Photo

Many may remember the fiasco regarding the patterson-like still of Bigfoot on Mars. We didn't post anything here at BfRLC, because it was old news really. Well this is hot off the University of Arizona's press.

This view from the Surface Stereo Imager, (a special camera--BfRLC)on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander (The latest NASA robot to land on Mars--BfRLC). The image is the first impression -- dubbed Yeti and looking like a wide footprint -- made on the Martian soil by the Robotic Arm scoop on Sol 6, the sixth Martian day of the mission, (May 31, 2008).
Touching the ground is the first step toward scooping up soil and ice and delivering the samples to the lander's experiments.

The Phoenix Mission is led by the University of Arizona, Tucson, on behalf of NASA. Project management of the mission is by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Spacecraft development is by Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver

The impression was named by scientist and engineers. This was the first opportunity to name something captured by the Mars Lander. It wasn't even a natural Martian feature, it was the byproduct of the Lander itself! And what is prescient to NASA's scientific elite? -- Bigfoot.

Not only do these Newtonian law-abiding engineers believe in facts and evidence, they rely on them. They live by facts, are suspicious of theories. So suspicious, no theory is even pondered without the merit of reproducible evidence and consistent results. Better yet, if a theory is worth pondering, it may not be worth considering. To be considered it must be published and to be published it must pass the scrutiny of an academic cabal of university professors, gatekeepers to the distribution of new ideas. If you think the Bill from the School House Rocks cartoon had it tough becoming a law, the last time a published theory that became a Law was in 1687.

The calculations made and projected by these people does not merely determine the livelihood of their families and pets. Lively hood is one thing but some even trust their very lives to NASA's engineers. Yes, Astronauts, national heroes (US and worldwide)repeatedly relinquish life and fate while they rocket to worlds beyond the bosom of Earth's safe orbit. A feat in itself, but only half the job; astronauts also then are delivered back home safely.

Who than, I ask, is better to determine the relevance of Bigfoot. Who better to determine the merits of elevating Bigfoot to the public consciousness; to provide a topic choice for sewing circles and water cooler conversations everywhere. Who then to replace whales on bumper stickers pursuading us to brake for Bigfoot instead? And who better to acknowledge Bigfoot as an Endangered Species to be protected by federal and international laws. Who then? NASA engineers that's who.

BfRLC Salutes you. We salute NASA's Ladies and Gentlemen of science and knowledge, for continuing the national dialog regarding Bigfoot; for reminding everybody everywhere how truly relevant Bigfoot is to our communities, homes and minds.

Many thanks and much gratitude,
Every member of BfRLC and its constituents

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