Friday, June 27, 2008

International Cryptozoology Museum Needs Your Help!

Loren Coleman and the ICM is in need of financial assistance after a long and tedious IRS Audit has caused a dwindling of funds to keep the museum alive. Coleman, in a posting today, lays out his call for help and, after all that he has done for cryptozoology, it seems that even a few dollars can go along way of his goal of $15,000 to keep the museum alive. The museum, which is in Maine, needs the money to stay alive with Coleman setting a goal of having a permanent space sometime in the near future (we suggest the Northwest Loren!). It is a space that features numerous displays, information, and books regarding all things cryptozoological (not just Bigfoot).
To find out more about the financial crisis, to make a contribution, and to check out Coleman's work, check out We urge you to do so.

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