Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Search for Epic Gilgamesh

One of the most prolific members of the BFRLC, Epic Gilgamesh may have been kidnapped by, well, Bigfoot himself. Epic, as friends and members know, gave us the drawing for the not-so-secret handshake (go check it out), Is Bigfoot My Brother's Keeper? (a classic BFRLC posting), and Bigfoot Casts a Philosophical Shadow (check that out too!). He was last seen somewhere near Larch Mountain near Bigfoot's Castle (yet another great Epic Gilgamesh post by the way). We hope he is faring well and we hope you come back soon with more tales and maybe, just maybe a real, honest to goodness sighting. We, gulp, salute you Epic Gilgamesh, a speedy recovery to you and yours. Signed, the other members of the BFRLC.

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