Friday, March 28, 2008

BfRLC Trading Cards Debut

Collect them all. These 4x6 in. BfRLC trading cards will debut every Friday until I can no longer think of new things to make a card for. The design and Illustration is once again thanks to our good friend Guy Edwards.

I plan on starting with famous researchers, Krantz, Green, Coleman and so forth, then famous Bigfoot characters like Patti and Clubfoot. Also I plan on famous Bigfoot locations like Bluff Creek,and Ape Caves.

So stay tuned every Friday for a new card, download it print it out, and hang it on your wall. Feel free to suggest new ideas and let's see how many of these we can do together. I believe next week we are going to post BfRLC Trading Card #002 "Dr. Bernard Heuvelmans" the father of Cryptozoology.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Bf Defense Not Admissable

Convicted Molester Claims He Was A Victim of Bigfoot posted 3:45 pm Wed March 26, 2008 - STAFFORD COUNTY, Va.

Gene R. Morrill, 57, of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, had previously pleaded guilty in Stafford Circuit Court to 20 charges stemming from his efforts to solicit 13-year-old boys over the Internet.

According to the Freelance Star, Defense Attorney Terrence Patton cited Morrill's mental health issues in seeking leniency from Judge J. Howe Brown.

Morrill reportedly told an investigator preparing his pre-sentence report that he had been sexually assaulted by the legendary Bigfoot. Patton said Morrill really believes the assaulted happened.

"I take him very seriously because I know Mr. Morill has issues," said Patton.

"I've had a few that have claimed abuse, but never by a mythical creature," said Stafford County Detective Darryl Wells, who has built the case against Morills one online chat at a time.

"He is a sexual predator that targets children," says Wells.

Residents of the town don’t seem to buy the man's claims either.

"What? Are you serious," said one resident.

"I just don’t believe it," said another resident.

However, Morrill was determined to be mentally competent to stand trial. The judge also couldn't have been impressed with Morrill's criminal record, which includes a rape conviction involving a child in New Hampshire, according to the Freelance Star.

According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Jim Peterson, Morrill was one of several out-of-state online predators identified last year by Detectives Darryl Wells and John Chapman.

Morrill was convicted of five counts of attempting to take indecent liberties with a child, five counts of using electronic equipment to solicit a juvenile and 10 counts of reproducing child pornography.

Morrill is still facing similar charges in Prince William County (web|news) .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sasquatch Music Festival 2008

Hello Again Bigfoot Researchers. I thought I'd take a moment to point out a great music festival in the Pacific Northwest. Sasquatch Music Festival takes place May 24-26 at the Gorge Ampitheatre in George, Washington. The line up includes REM, The Cure, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Ozomatli (Ozomatli ya se fue!), and a whole lotta other great acts. Not only is there awesome music, this festival has a great name. Now, at first I was a little thrown off. I thought that perhaps researchers had captured music created by BF and thought that was pretty cool, but a whole festival? Well, it turns out that although it is not a festival dedicated to Bigfoot musicology (anthroethnocryptozoolomusicology, if you will), it still is a pretty cool shindig. Here's the link...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke

Today, Arthur C. Clarke, author of '2001' passed away. So, what does Arthur C. Clarke have to do with Bigfoot? Clarke is well known for the show 'Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World". Also, check out the internet movie database link I imagine this episode of the Goodies is very hard to come by. I suppose my point is this; everyone has some connection to Bigfoot. We salute you Arthur C. Clarke, may you rest in peace.

Mysterious World: Bigfoot Clip

Monday, March 17, 2008

BFRLC Next Lunch: 3/14

Hello BF Lunch Clubbers! The next lunch is all set for March 21st. Can I get a B? An F? R? L? C? What's that spell, bufirlc? No, it spells a grand time for one and all at the next lunch club meeting. On the agenda...who knows? The return of Epic Gilgamesh? Our upcoming field trip? How to look like you know what you are doing under the hood of a car? What will we eat? We did Indian last time, how about Ethiopian or Cafeteria Food? I can hardly wait to see you all there. Until then....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Search for Epic Gilgamesh

One of the most prolific members of the BFRLC, Epic Gilgamesh may have been kidnapped by, well, Bigfoot himself. Epic, as friends and members know, gave us the drawing for the not-so-secret handshake (go check it out), Is Bigfoot My Brother's Keeper? (a classic BFRLC posting), and Bigfoot Casts a Philosophical Shadow (check that out too!). He was last seen somewhere near Larch Mountain near Bigfoot's Castle (yet another great Epic Gilgamesh post by the way). We hope he is faring well and we hope you come back soon with more tales and maybe, just maybe a real, honest to goodness sighting. We, gulp, salute you Epic Gilgamesh, a speedy recovery to you and yours. Signed, the other members of the BFRLC.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Hello, all you loyal fans and members of the BFRLC. Today was a historic moment for the Club, one for the records, one for the history books, a lunch that will go down in BFRLC Lore. I rode Portland’s very fine mass transit system to the office today and accidentally went a couple stops by my normal stop. Low and behold, an Indian Lunch buffet was at the corner of my accidental stop. This place just appeared out of nowhere and for all the times that I have walked by this intersection this was the first time my eyes set sight on the place. A BFRLC Miracle!

Tandoor Indian Kitchen sits on the corner of SW Oak and 4th in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon. Our members congregated with appetites like, well, underfed Bigfoot. After scanning this busy place for a table, the host came by and asked us to put down our coats on some chairs as he cleaned us off a table in the middle of all their happy diners. We quickly got in line for the buffet. To start off, I grabbed a fresh, but somewhat buttery Naan. This traditional bread is done in lots of different ways and is always a treat to sop up the rich sauces of the cuisine. I filled my plate with basmati rice, Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower), Chana Masala (garbanzo beans in a nice sauce), Eggplant and Peppers (dipped in a batter and fried) and dal (lentils). The eggplant was not as juicy as I would have liked, but an interesting dish regardless. The Aloo Gobi was great – potatoes and cauliflower cooked perfectly with no over starchiness and nicely seasoned. The Chana Masala was fresh and the chickpeas were tender. The dal reminded me of a dish that I make with yellow lentils. Although slightly watery, the ghee (clarified butter) had a nice mouth feel and was nice to sop up with the naan.

Another member couldn’t get enough of the Egg Curry, a dish that for all my years of Indian eating had yet to come across. This dish contains whole, hardboiled eggs in a curry. Epic Gilgamesh, we salute you for your dedication to eating almost a half dozen eggs.

The atmosphere was okay. Traditional Indian art adorned the walls – Ganesh looked over us with approval as we dined. A flat screen TV in the corner was playing the international channel of B4U. I imagine this to be Bollywood for You. Normally a TV while eating is a no-no, but in this case, it was perfect. Bollywood musical videos were playing with dancers dancing and lipsyncers lipsyncing in full Bollywood displays of color and choreography.

As for water refill rates: This was sort of a bizarre occurrence. The restaurant was quite busy and the server poured half glasses of water and hardly ever came back to top them off. We weren’t sure if we were supposed to refill them ourselves at the soda fountain. I think something was lost in translation. We won’t hold this against the overall rating of the restaurant. There are lots of Indian Lunch Buffets in the greater Portland area which are excellent. For downtown, this was pretty good. Overall, I am quite happy to have found it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

BFRLC Lunch #005: 7 Mar '08

Mark your calendars, The Fifth Lunch of the BFRLC is coming up! What restaurant will it be this time? Something with chips and salsa? A pizzeria? Perhaps we can eat regionally with some salmon and hazelnuts? Or maybe, just maybe we will go to that Indian Buffet this time! Tune in for a review of Lunch #5, where we will be discussing bylaws and our field trip to visit some old Bigfoot stomping grounds.
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