Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yes Folks its true. The young start-up Bigfoot Researcher's Lunch Club has scooped one of the most established, most informed purveyors of BF News.
Today (FEB 10, 2008)Cryptomundo published a post regarding the artwork of Cameron Gainer to be on display at The Fabric Workshop and Museum. BFRLC publish a post on the same subject FEB 1st 2008. A whole 9 days before it was even on Cryptomundo's map. In fact, the topic only came to the attention of Cryptomundo by alert readers who happened to be randomly passing by the gallery.
Although I am a constant and long time loyal reader of Cryptomundo, I am pleased to say the technology developed for this web site seems to confirm our technology is working as well as we had hoped. So stay tuned for the latest BF news out there.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world of blogging.

    At Cryptomundo, we deal in an extremely high volume of new reports and postings, so to say you *scooped* us is fine with us. We need not mention the scores of stories we paid attention to while you highlighted Cameron Gainer's newest appearance.

    But let me mention that, yes, Cryptomundo's first posting about Cameron Gainer's art was on September 14, 2006, with a followup on October 22, 2006, and an added update on October 20, 2007.

    I guess I could post on Cryptomundo, in response to this posting that we scooped you on posts about Gainer's art by almost 17 months, but I won't. LOL.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Its true. A s you can see in my original post about Gainer, I refer to the Cryptomundo fascinating article that actually goes into the artist's process in making the full size BF named by BF Researchers as "Patty".
    More importantly we got the attention of Loren Coleman, who is, HANDS DOWN, the most respected BF Researcher around. Even Skeptic magazine, (The Magazine of science and reason,) gives him credit for being "the most responsible Bigfoot Researcher."
    Thank you Loren Coleman, for the kind words and visiting our blog. You and your research will always be the standard of which the rest of us try to meet.
    All of you BFRL clubbers make sure you visit the link is in the column to right under BEST BF RESEARCH SITES.


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