Thursday, January 10, 2008


If you BFRL Clubbers haven't visited Squatch, Inc.'s fantastic new site you are in for a treat. With just the right amount of content variety; this BF site dares to cast a huge net with a broad appeal. A BF researcher of any level will hit paydirt with this site-- from the casual hobbiest to the 24/7 "I even smell like Bigfoot" professional researcher.
I found maintained by Squatch, Inc.'s via YouTube. The only quality vid of Grover Krantz available wast posted by Squatch Inc. (By the way the video now playing on BFTV is the vid I am speaking of.)
"So," Says I, "Lets check out the site ." What a great surprise. This guy not only knows his stuff, but obviously has enough passion and respect to provide BF Content with only the most discerning level of quality. (Audio, Video, and Pics)
I could go on and on, but I would only be preventing you from enjoying the site sooner. I will sign off with these last thoughts. was built and maintained with you in mind. It may not be as comprehensive as but it is far friendlier. You will find your place of BF heaven on the site mine is here on this page.
I'm serious what are you still doing here? GO CHECK IT OUT! Heres the link again!


  1. Hey Epic Gilgamesh,

    Thanks for the awesome write up! The site is very new and will grow substantially in the coming months. While our research will be dedicated to WI and the surrounding states, we also wanted a site where anyone from anywhere can come and learn a little about Bigfoot, and maybe even teach us a thing or two. Thanks again and we will be frequenting your blog to read up on the latest and greatest.
    Squatch Inc.

  2. thats by the way, I know they say its an organization, why isn't it a .org, I have made the same mistake even in front of the Director of BFRO


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