Friday, January 25, 2008

Sushiland - BFRLC Lunch #2 a great success

Today, lunch was at Sushiland, 135 NW 10th Ave. After a few minute wait, members of the BFRLC were seated around the main sushi bar, where a conveyor belt of all types of sushi goes round and round. Sushi rollers are in the middle of this bar whipping up roll after roll – eel, salmon, tuna, avocado and numerous other fresh looking edibles are artistically created into delectable sushi. One member had a couple house rolls with egg, tuna, and imitation crab. Also eaten were salmon rolls, tuna rolls, edamame, inari and miso soup. The miso had nice chunks of tofu as well as a pleasant tasting seaweed. The rice for the rolls was warm, fresh and sweet – the perfect sweetness to match the tastes of wasabi and ginger. Water refill rates were good – the servers made sure that all the BF Researchers were well hydrated. Lastly, the price was perfect. We salute you, Sushiland.


  1. I could not have said it better myself. Arriving at 12:05 we had just barely beat the crowd. My only regret is I did not partake in the Miso. I implore you to not suffer my same fate. For only a buck you could jump start your pallette with a bowl of Japanese ambrosia; a bliss that that lingers long past the meal.

    I leave you with only one request. Heed my advise; get the Miso. So my misfortune becomes more tragedy than shame.

  2. Any BF sightings at Sushiland?


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